Fraxtor is an innovative Real Estate Co-investment Platform. With a small amount of capital, you can invest in any type of property worldwide, with your friends, family and fellow investors.


Fraxtor was founded by Oliver Siah and Rachel Teo in 2017 with the specific purpose of providing individuals the opportunity to directly invest in real estate with a small amount of capital. 

With a combined 34 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry, they fully understand the shortcomings of the market and have created a much-needed technological solution to the traditional real estate investment market.

Oliver and Rachel's vision to encourage Co-investment and Fractional investment will alter the way that property investment is done, providing an innovative and efficient alternative to the traditional method of property investment.




Fraxtor is a real estate co-investment platform that allows like-minded accredited investors to access global real estate investment opportunities. It is led by Oliver Siah, Rachel Teo and seasoned investors from the family office of Daniel Teo & Associates (DTA) and supported by all their corporate partners.

Operating like a private equity real estate fund, Fraxtor is exempted by a class exemption for dealing in Securities and Fund Management under the Securities and Futures Act (Singapore). 

Fraxtor focuses on niche investment opportunities that accredited investors typically do not have access to, either due to the sheer investment size or sourcing expertise. In particular, we look for deals around the world that are too big for an individual accredited investor, and yet too small for an institutional investor. We believe this sweet spot is where the opportunities lie.

Increasingly, an eco-system of real estate co-investors is the way to go because of its multiple benefits, including the strong community support, resource sharing and alignment of interests. More importantly, we value the two-way relationship with our co-investors, who can also bring on potential opportunities for Fraxtor to evaluate and pursue, before we present it to our community of co-investors.  

Leveraging the deep experience of our investment committee, comprising industry veterans like Daniel Teo, Director of the Tong Eng Group and Chairman and Managing Director of the Hong How Group, as well as DTA’s domain knowledge and strong network in the real estate industry, Fraxtor is well-positioned to build a strong eco-system of co-investors and bring attractive global investment opportunities to the community.